What is stamina used for?

Stamina is used in NFT characters. Each unit of stamina corresponds to a chance you have to earn tokens, remembering that stamina is recharged every 24 hours.

Can I have more stamina than the limit?

No, if you use a refill greater than its maximum capacity, the extra stamina will be discarded.

When my stamina runs out what do I do?

You can buy a stamina refill from the shop or wait 24 hours to reset the auto-refill wait. Of course you will always have free characters available.

Can I transfer stamina between characters?

No, the stamina refill cannot be shared, only pets can be shared and once the pet's stamina is spent, it does not regenerate when switching characters.

What are the benefits of using the stamina refill?

When out of stamina you can use a refill to recharge the stamina, with that you gain new possibilities to earn your W6G tokens.

How to buy a stamina refill?

Enter the marketplace, look for stamina refill, check the rarity of the character you want, click buy to purchase the refill.

Do I need to buy a stamina refill to play?

No, every day your maximum stamina will be recharged, the stamina refill provides an extra stamina.

If I don't spend stamina does it build up?

No, any stamina that is not spent by 00:00 will be lost and a new recharge will be placed on the character, if you have a refill in your account that has not been used it will not be lost.

Is stamina needed to enter the metaverse?

No, the metaverse is free and does not use stamina.

Is stamina needed to enter future events?

No, future events will have unique rules that will be posted close to the event.

Besides the refill and the daily stamina is there another source where I can get more stamina?

Yes, the pets, the stamina of the pets is added to the character being an alternative source of stamina.

When I buy a larger stamina refill than I have capacity, will I get extra stamina?

No, the refill only carries the stamina that the character supports, the rest is disposable, so be careful to buy the correct refill.


If I have a pet and use a Stamina refill, will extra Stamina from the pet be refilled?

Yes, the stamina refill recharges the character's stamina and the surplus will go to the pet, at the limit of the pet's capacity.

Can I use two pets at the same time?

No, you can use one pet at a time, but not simultaneously.

Can I sell my pets on the marketplace?

Yes, pets are NFTs so they can be traded freely inside and outside the marketplace.

Can I lose my pets? They die ?

No, pets as well as characters will never be destroyed.

The stamina of the pets is recharged daily along with the character's ?

Yes, every day at 00:00 UTC the stamina of the pet and the character are recharged.

Is pet stamina cumulative?

No, any unused stamina is discarded daily before recharging.

If I have more than one pet, how do I spend all the daily stamina of all pets?

You'll be able to switch pet once your stamina runs out and equip another pet that hasn't spent its stamina.

What is the difference between pets?

Its rarity, higher rarities have its higher daily stamina.

What is the advantage of having one or more pets?

You will get a higher number of free daily stamina.

Can I use my pet on more than one account?

You can, however once the stamina is spent it will not be renewed except in the normal way (through refill or at 00:00 UTC)


Is pet stamina spent on free characters?

No, free characters do not consume stamina.

When I switch characters, does the pet continue with the other character?

Yes, if you have two or more pets, you will have to equip the desired pet.

How can I get an NFT character?

You can purchase on the marketplace through the mystery boxes or by directly purchasing the desired NFT.

What is the character limit per account?

There is no character limit per account.

Can I have two equal NFTs?

Yes, you can use them normally.

Can I play with two NFTs characters at the same time?

Not. You can only use one character at a time, if you want to play with two characters you will need to create two accounts.

Can I sell my NFTs characters on the marketplace?

Yup. All NFT characters can be traded inside and outside the marketplace (P2P).

Can I send my NFTs characters to another account?

Yes, NFTs are ERC 1155 standard, so they can be sent from wallet to wallet.

Do I need to have an NFT character to play?

Not. All accounts have two free characters for you to play with.

Will free characters always be available?

Yup. Even after acquiring other characters you will have them available whenever you want.

I won with a free character and didn't receive my prize?

This is because free characters do not receive awards, only characters with stamina receive token awards.

What is the difference between the rarities of the characters?

The rarity is what determines the amount of characters available in the market, it also slightly affects the gameplay, the higher the rarity, the more Stamina, speed and strength to take down other characters.


What is an NFT?

NFT is the acronym for non-fungible token, or non-fungible token, an asset created from blockchain technology that serves as an item's digital identity. The NFT assures the authenticity of that item, which is unique. That is, the asset guarantees the possession of an exclusive good, which no other person has.

What are NFT games?

NFT games are electronic games with an architecture that operate completely or partially on a network of cryptocurrencies, allowing players to take possession of the virtual objects contained in the game.

Do you know what Blockchain is?

A database system that works in a distributed way, powered by several computers, making security inviolable.

What are cryptocurrencies?

A cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency designed to function as a medium of exchange that uses cryptography to secure and verify transactions.

What is the difference between token and cryptocurrencies?

Every cryptocurrency is a token, but not every token is a cryptocurrency, for a token to be considered a cryptocurrency it must have its own Blockchain network.

How to make money with an NFT ?

When you play with an NFT the prizes are in tokens, you can sell your tokens in reais and withdraw all the money to your account.

What is whitepaper?

A document that describes all the details included in the project is usually found on the project website or as a PDF file.

How to create a crypto wallet?

The most suitable are metamask or trust wallet. Download it from the playstore, install it on your cell phone, register, when you receive a twelve-word key write it down on paper and don't pass it on to anyone, because with this key the person has access to all their tokens.

How to get BNB?

You need to create an account at binance.com, make the necessary checks and use your real data, because to withdraw the real data, after that make a deposit by boleto, card or pix to the platform. Inside the platform, exchange reais for BNB.

How do I buy my NFT in-game?

To buy your NFT, you need to have W6G tokens, go to the marketplace on our website, connect your crypto wallet and purchase the desired NFT.

What does it mean to say that the contract is audited?

Contract auditing is a process that a company specializing in digital security does to verify if the contract of that token has any irregularities or any vulnerability. If it passes the tests, it earns an audited contract certificate.

What is transaction hash?

The hash of a transaction is an alphanumeric code that identifies each sending or receiving of cryptography on the network. Used to track a transaction and know all the necessary information.


Who is the company's CEO?

David Fogaça, also CEO of the company GG Softhouse

A# team wallets are blocked ?

Yup. We put a vesting in the 2-year portfolio, with 5% released per month from the second month onwards.

What is vesting period?

The period in which a certain wallet will not be able to sell its tokens or transfer from its wallet, normally used to hold the team eviction.

What are the strengths of the project's economics?

We have our rewards system where not everyone wins, we also have a regressive rate system for withdrawals, we will also have special commemorative and regular events.

Does the game have an oracle?


How does the burn wallet work?

The burn portfolio has 1 year of vesting, with 10% being unlocked per month from the second month onwards for manual burning. All burns are publicized in the community by making the hash of transactions public.

How does the Project Development portfolio work?

The project development portfolio will have a vesting period of two months, after which it will be used manually for the project to continue developing.

How does the withdrawal regression system work?

After receiving your prize, you will only be able to withdraw after 48 hours at a rate of 50% that drops 5% daily to a minimum of 7%. Remember that to withdraw it is necessary to have the network fee in BNB

What is the expected duration of the project?

The project can last for years, due to its well-structured economy and its updates that will be recurring.

Is the team public?

Yes, all devs are fully public and have their social networks on the site, while the marketing team, moderators and assistants have photos and identification on social networks.

What does ROI mean?

ROI (Return of Investment) is the time it takes for you to get 100% of your investment back.

What is World6's ROI?

The average Roi of the project is 30 days, however it is not possible to define an exact Roi as it is a P2E game your skills are the main variable to define this.

Where do the collected fees go?

All purchase and sale transactions are charged a fee of 7%, 1% for the stake platform, 1% for ADS, 2% for project development and 3% for the Repurchase portfolio.

How is the P2E portfolio supplied?

The portfolio is replenished through purchases made on the marketplace, along with the repurchase portfolio.

How does the Buyback Wallet work?

It works manually, so we can feel the market and use it in the best possible way.


How to earn W6G tokens with World 6 Game?

You need to acquire an NFT and play the matches in the game, all the prizes of the matches are in tokens that go to your in-game wallet, after that just withdraw them to your cryptocurrency wallet.

How to acquire W6G tokens?

To buy your tokens, you need to have a metamask or trust wallet (the most suitable ones) enter the pancakeswap.finance website, connect your wallet, search for W6G, and buy using the cryptocurrency from our BNB network. Remembering that all transactions involving the W6G token have a 9% fee.

How to sell your W6G tokens that were won in the match?

Your tokens earned in the match take 48 hours for you to be able to withdraw them from the game. After that you will have a rate of 50% that drops 5% a day to a minimum of 7%, you must know the right time to sell to try to get the most profit from your investment. Remembering that the cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile.

Is the W6G contract audited?

Yup. Audit carried out by Contract Checker.

Which Blockchain network does the W6G token use?

BSC Network (Binance Smart Chain)

How to know the right time to sell my tokens?

This is a question that has no answer, the truth is that the market depends on the opinion of everyone in it, so it is impossible to know the best moment, try to understand what the majority is doing, and be careful with your sources of information, avoid fear and greed.

How can I make my tokens yield?

You can purchase other NFTs and play with them to acquire more tokens, or if you don't want to play you can stake them on our platform on the website.

Is the W6G token the only circulating currency in the game?


My tokens don't appear in my wallet what to do?

You need to check your hash on the bscscan.com website to find out what happened, if you have difficulty contact a moderator who will help you.

My tokens don't appear in my wallet what to do?

I didn't receive the prize of the match, what to do? You need to present the prints with the exact time of the event to a moderator. The same will solve your problem.


How to create an account in the game ?

Just connect your wallet, create an account and play.

What is mystery box ?

Mystery box is a box that provides a random NFT character.

How to get your Mystery box?

You can purchase it through events, or buy it on the marketplace.

Does the game have a partnership with the series?

No, we got the inspiration from the series but no partnership has been made yet.

Where do I download the game?

You can download through the website or directly from the Play Store/Apple Store platforms.

Is it possible to test the game for free?

Yes, you will be able to play and explore every game for free with the free characters.

How does the World 6 Game metaverse work?

An environment to interact with friends, form teams, trade with your tokens, with interactive attractions among other things.

Who had the idea to create the World 6 Game and where did that idea come from?

The idea was from our CEO David Fogaça. According to him, his inspiration came when watching the series, knowing the crypto market, he realized the lack that the market had in good quality NFTs games, it was then that the idea came up to create a game inspired by the series and the game Fall Guys.

Since when did the idea come up?

The idea came up in September 2021 with our CEO David Fogaça. Since then the team has been formed and we are working to deliver an amazing experience.

Can I play with multiple different accounts?

Yes, Multi account is allowed in World6.

Can I play on mobile with whoever plays on PC?

Yes, world 6 has crossplay across platforms.


How many modes do we have available to play?

In its final version, it will have 8 modes, but we will launch it with two modes and add the others as updates.

How many people win in potato mode?

The top 5 win, with whoever arrives first receiving the highest prize.

I was stopped but the obstacle moved me in potato mode and I was eliminated is it normal?

Yes, the obstacles move the character and the robot is programmed to detect any movement being done voluntarily or involuntarily.

In fight mode how many wins?

The last 3 to stay on the platform share the prize.

When will the remaining modes be available?

Every month we will have updates with new modes.

How does the choice of mode to play the match work?

The modes are randomly selected.

Are all modes inspired by the series?

Not. The game is inspired by the series but only a few modes are similar to the series.

When it happens to be four characters in the center of the fight mode, does the last plate fall ?

No, the characters must hit each other until one falls, if it doesn't happen until the time runs out, everyone loses.

Can I form teams to win?

Yes, form teams and strategize to win. All this is valid in the World 6 Game arenas.

I lost because of a bug, what do I do?

Send the prints to a moderator who will solve your problem.

Do all modes pay the same?

Some pay more, others less, but all are proportionate.

Can I interact with other people within the matches?

Yes, the chat will be released so that all players can interact with each other.

What happens when time runs out?

All those who are still alive have died.


What is metaverse?

The metaverse can be defined as a network of virtual worlds, which try to replicate reality, with a focus on social connection.

What are those banners in the World 6 Game metaverse?

The banners are from partner companies that use our space to make their brand visible to everyone who is interested in the metaverse.

Do I need to pay to access the metaverse?

No, free characters have full access to the metaverse.

Can I interact with other people within the metaverse?

Yes, the chat will be open for communication.

What are the portals that are in the World 6 Game metaverse?

Within our metaverse there are several cities, to go from one city to another it is necessary to use a portal.

Reported to me, what to do?

If you didn't violate any of the rules, contact a moderator with the screenshots and he'll solve the problem.

How to report someone in the metaverse?

Click on the desired player and press " "report" then explain the reason with the complaint.

What reasons can I report someone in the metaverse?

Any type of discrimination, profanity, insults or any offense will be considered grounds for reporting.

What happens when I'm reported?

The first time you are reported you will be unable to speak in the chat for a while, this time will increase each time you are reported until you lose the right to speak in the chat forever.


Do you have future plans for the metaverse?

We intend to install a stage for a virtual show inside our metaverse, food platforms, sale of physical items and much more.

Will there be any in-game events?

Yup. We will have daily, weekly, monthly and even commemorative events.

Will the events be free?

Some events like commemorative events will be free, some events will have a registration fee like daily, weekly and monthly events.

Will events consume stamina?


When the skins come out will they give any attributes?


Will the game be limited to the eight modes described in the whitepaper?

Not. Other modes are already being written, but the first modes will be the eight in the whitepaper.

Are there future plans for virtual reality?


What will the legendary character be like?

It will be limited to 500 units and will not be found in the mystery box. It will have 20 stamina and will be the fastest and with the highest chance of knocking down enemies.

Can the legendary character be traded?

Yes, the legendary character can be traded normally.


How does a stake platform work?

You have the option of letting your tokens yield with a fixed percentage plus bonuses according to the desired period. Your tokens are stuck during this period.

Can I withdraw my tokens before the deadline?

No, the tokens are locked on the platform until the end of the chosen period.

I received a month different from the other, what happened?

The returns are the sum of the fixed percentage on your tokens plus the transaction bonus, what may have happened is that in one month you had more transaction volume than in the other month.

Do I need to redeem my earnings?

Yup. You will pay a network fee and be able to withdraw your earnings.

Do I pay a fee to stake my tokens?

Yes, a small network fee is charged.

In which currency do I receive my stake income?

You will be able to choose from the options that are currently available.


Can I put any in-game item into the marketplace?

No, only items considered NFTs can be traded by users within the marketplace. (Characters and pets at first)

What is the fee to place an item on the marketplace?

Only a small network fee is charged.

How long is the item on the Marketplace?

The item will stay there until it is sold or you withdraw it, otherwise it will stay there.

What happens when my item is sold on the marketplace?

You will be able to redeem your tokens.

I bought an item on the marketplace and did not receive it, how to proceed?

Send the prints to a moderator stating the exact time along with the transaction hash that he will solve the problem.

How much can I sell my NFTs on the marketplace?

The price is up to you, but be very careful because if you put it too high it may not be sold, and if you put it too low you may stop making money.

I put a wrong value and the NFT was sold at a different price than I wanted, can I reverse it?

Not. Unfortunately all transactions that are completed cannot be returned.

I sold an item on the marketplace and didn't receive my tokens, how to proceed?

Send the prints to a moderator stating the exact time along with the transaction hash that he will solve the problem.